Jorge Ortega

Specialised in administrative law, private and public security, criminal law and ICT law. Practising lawyer, member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), with solid experience in criminal, administrative and civil litigation. Professor of the Master’s Degree in Publishing at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, speaker at numerous conferences, author of legal books and scientific articles, he holds a Higher Diploma in Criminology (U.B.) and a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Criminal Law applied to ICT Law (U.N.E.D.).

Clara Sarmiento

Lawyer, graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona, practising lawyer, member of the Barcelona Bar Association, with experience in family law, civil procedural law and commercial litigation. Master in International Studies from the University of Barcelona.With a double degree as a lawyer from the University of Medellín, and practising in Colombia for many years in the areas of Labour, Civil,Family and Administrative Law.

José Navarro

Computer Forensic Expert, with a PhD in Physical Sciences and a Master’s Degree in ‘Security in Information Technology’. Director of Evidentia, founding member of the Professional Association of Computer Forensic Experts (ASPEI), and professor at the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU.

Rubén Pujol

Private Investigator and Security Director, graduate in Criminology from the University of Barcelona and Master in ‘Criminology, Criminal Policy and Security’. Practising detective of the Ilustre Col·legi Oficial de Detectius de Catalunya. Experience in digital investigation,forensic analysis, acquisition and preservation of electronic evidence,as well as in corporate investigations related to fraud and breach of civil, commercial and labour contracts.

Ricard Millán

Lawyer, graduated in Law from the Pompeu Fabra University and studied Journalism at the Abad Oliva University. Practising lawyer at the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB). Experience in international matters, Italian law, civil law, commercial law and criminal law. He is currently in charge of civil and criminal procedural services at BUFETEORTEGA.

David Sancho

Lawyer, Barcelona

Efrain Iglesias

Lawyer, Madrid

Carolina Sarmiento

Administrative management

Laura Sánchez Sosa

External legal and management support

Facundo Lander

Technological external support