Pharmaceutical Sector

The fact that this sector is subject to specific, technical, specialized, and detailed regulations generates in companies operating in this area the need for rigorous, preventive, and comprehensive advice to avoid incurring in risk situations and the imposition of possible sanctions. In addition, the highly strategic and sensitive nature of this sector requires special attention when covering possible risks and liabilities arising from the manufacturing processes and subsequent marketing of its products, since the negative economic and image consequences for the good name of the company, consumers, and society in general, due to mismanagement of these situations, can be relevant. Thus, we have established our confidence in this sector, especially in the regulatory and compliance area.

This broad background gives our lawyers a privileged position to address the specific legal issues that arise in each of these sectors, being up to date with the Code of Good Practice of Farmaindustria of Spain, published in 2021.

They start from a very close and current prior knowledge of the functioning, problems and needs of these and of the companies operating in these fields.